Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Revised October 2018

Drop off procedures

  • We will begin supervising the car line through the parking lot and accept students into our school at 7:30am. Drop off is not permitted prior to that time.
  • Do not let students out of your vehicle prior to entering the designated drop off area.
  • Please say your goodbyes prior to entering this location to avoid traffic backups. Our staff may direct you to the designated visitor parking if you are taking excessive time to load or unload your children. Please be courteous of traffic.
  • Cars only turn left when exiting St. Thomas after morning drop off will be implemented to ensure the safety of students while crossing South Ft. Thomas Avenue.
  • ALL students (car riders and walkers) will enter the main school entrance (by the plaza) until 8:00 a.m.
  • Our parking lot will be supervised until 8:00. After this time, you will need to park and come to the office to sign in your child.
  • Lower parking lot will be closed to ALL traffic from 6:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Pick up Procedures

Car Pick Up (School Parking Lot):

  • Please establish with your classroom/homeroom teacher if your student will be a car rider. If your plans change unexpectedly during the day, please contact the school office (859) 572-4641 and relay the changes to the school secretary.
  • We will dismiss students to the gym at 2:50 and begin calling names for the car line loading zone. Do not pull into the parking lot prior to 2:40. It is necessary for us to maintain traffic flow until dismissal begins. If you arrive prior to this time you may be asked to pull out of the car line and reenter at the appropriate time.
  • Please place the school assigned family name visor on the rear view mirror that can be seen easily by the faculty/staff.
  • Cars only turn left when exiting St. Thomas for afternoon pick-up will be implemented to ensure the safety of students while crossing South Ft. Thomas Avenue.

Walkers (Other Options)

  • Walkers will be released at the Northwest corner of the school building and walk to the plaza area.
  • Walkers will cross only at the crossing area where a crossing guard is present.
  • Meet your child on the plaza and walk home.
  • Park on S. Ft. Thomas Avenue or a side street and meet your child in the plaza area.
  • Families who park on S. Ft. Thomas Avenue and side streets your student (s) will fall within the classification as a walker.

Key points for Safety

  • If you are meeting your child in the plaza, please be aware of the vehicles moving in the car line.
  • Please use the designated drop off or pick up area only.
  • Plan on a small delay in the beginning of the year as we adjust to the new procedures.
  • Follow the procedures we have established as well as all other traffic safety laws.
  • Be patient, drive cautiously