Enrichment Classes


Kindergarten through Grade 8

Art class is an exciting time for students to explore their creativity. Students have many choices when creating their artwork to form individual success and unique artwork. All students are exposed to a variety of techniques, art materials, and art history throughout the school year. They will experience drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, sewing, and sculpture. Students are encouraged to have fun, be creative and problem solve, but also understand and practice responsibility when utilizing the Art Room.

In addition to in-class instruction, an Art Club is offered for students in grades 5-8. The meetings allow art exploration that cannot happen within a regular 50 minute art class. The artwork created is based upon the interest of the group of students for each school year.


Preschool through Grade 8

Music classes use a variety of musical examples that represents many cultures, historical time periods, genres, and holidays.  The primary classes experience the fundamentals of beat, tunefulness, and artfulness.  Intermediate grades learn how to write and express music.  Middle school grades learn about musical time periods, piano, and make music using a wider variety of instruments.  Our classes participate in a school-wide Christmas concert, perform for sporting events, and observe many major holidays in the Catholic calendar. Music class is joyful at Saint Thomas.


Preschool through Grade 8

All students, Pre-K through 8th grade, visit the library on a weekly or biweekly basis. During library, students learn to navigate the library and the online library catalog. Students are able to check-out books to take home each week. 

Physical Education

Preschool through Grade 8

Students of all ages learn the value of physical and mental wellness through age-appropriate activities, games and experiences, weekly.  Students in Grade 3 take part in a collaboration with the Fort Thomas YMCA where swim lessons are offered for one semester, during school hours.


Preschool through Grade 8

All students, Pre-K through 8th Grade, are enrolled in Spanish class. In this class they learn and practice using the Spanish language through listening, speaking, reading and writing. All students learn important vocabulary and grammar concepts that allow them to build their Spanish language skills.