Learning Tools

Saint Thomas School uses a number of tools to help students learn.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader equips teachers with unparalleled insight into independent reading practice, research-proven goal setting tools, activities that span a variety of skills and text types, and a worldwide community of support. Students enjoy endless choice and the agency required to truly fall in love with reading, achieve mastery, and grow.

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STEMscopes is a digital science solution for PreK through 12th grade students offering three core curriculum programs.

Born from the lab and penned by the hands of expert teachers, STEMscopes has always had its ear to the ground, taking in feedback, best practices, and the latest pedagogy to develop the most effective STEM curriculum.

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i-Ready is a tool that gets students excited about learning, supports teachers in the challenge of meeting the needs of all learners, and gives teachers the tools they need to ensure students are on the road to proficiency.

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Typing Quest

Typing Quest is a tool that teaches keyboarding in a fun way to help students improve their speed and accuracy.

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Library Catalog

The library catalog tool allows parents and students to look up the books in our school library and check availability.

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