Mothers Club

The Saint Thomas Mothers Club was founded in 1941 for the purpose of creating and maintaining an organized group of women for the promotion of the welfare of the children of Saint Thomas School.  Today, this rich tradition continues and has evolved as an organization open to all parents where connections are made in building a Christian community of support for the school. We raise money to benefit the school and provide a social, spiritual and educational network for parents raising children in today’s world.

Join us for a Mothers Club meetings, held every third Thursday of the month at 7:30pm (doors open at 7), in the school cafeteria 


Sign up for updates or email The Mothers Club with questions at [email protected] 

2019-2020 Mothers Club Board

  Mayve Brauley
  Carrie Wilke

Co-Vice Presidents 
  Amy Miller-Mitchell 
  Beth Griffith 

  Anna Brannen 

  Carrie Rogiers 

  Mindy Willen