Parish School of Religion

The Saint Thomas Parish School of Religion (PSR) is a program designed for the children of our parish who attend schools without formal religious Catholic education as part of their Grades 1-8 curriculum. PSR aims to educate and form these students in our Catholic faith. We do this by preparing them for the reception of sacraments and by deepening and reinforcing knowledge of Catholic teachings and the Catholic worldview.

Although parents are the primary educators of their children and the first church is the domestic church in the home, PSR is intended to help parents fulfill this responsibility to lead our children to and active faith life and to discipleship with Jesus Christ.

The PSR program conducts regularly scheduled classes on Wednesdays from 7-8pm.  There are about 30 sessions through the year and are comprised of classroom lessons, liturgical celebrations, and seasonal events. Attendance records are kept and participation is expected.

Since instruction time is limited, it is very important that your child arrive on time, no later than 6:55pm. If that is not possible, please contact your child’s teacher.

Change of Schedule: If there is a change in scheduled events from PSR, parents will be notified via email through Flocknote. In the case of an emergency (weather-related cancellation, medical emergency, etc.), parents will be contacted via text message through Flocknote.

Register for PSR Here

Paper registration forms are also available at the Parish Office.