Preschool Zoo-phonics

Preschoolers have been working hard learning their alphabet and letter sounds. This year, St. Thomas Preschool implemented a Multi-Sensory Language Arts Program called Zoo-phonics. Students use their eyes, ears, mouths, and bodies to learn their ABC’s. This approach allows all students to learn based on their individual strengths.

The program uses animals drawn in the shape of a letter for ease of memory. For each letter, there is a coordinating body movement and a sound. This approach cements the sound to the identification of that letter.

Preschool’s hard work is paying off! After just four months using the Zoo-phonics program, 50% of our Pre-Kindergarten students can identify the sounds of all twenty-six letters of the alphabet! An additional 46% identified twenty-one or more letter sounds! We are so proud of the hard work of the preschool and their teachers. Way to go preschool!