B.A. Williams P.E. Teacher

Retired USAF Master Sergeant B A Williams is the Physical Education teacher. Sarge (as the students refer to him) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Northern Kentucky University. He retired from the Air Force in 2014 after approximately 20 years.  He was an Instructor Loadmaster on C-130 E/H (Hercules) aircraft.  B A moved on to Special Operations aircraft for his last four years as an MC-130H (Combat Talon II) Loadmaster.  B A decided he wanted to serve the local community by becoming a teacher and being a positive role model for our youth; he graduated in 2020.  This is his second year of teaching at Saint Thomas and he looks forward to promoting a lifetime of physical activity for the Tomcats. In his spare time, B A plays Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Pickleball and participates in Zumba classes.